Adriana Cerundolo

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Adriana believes that life’s greatest gift is experiencing the infinite magic that lies within us. As spirit embodied in physical form, we have direct connection to the divine through connecting with ourselves.

Much of our daily experience is the result of unconscious belief and emotional patterns interfacing with the external world. By building relationship with ourselves, we grow awareness around our states of consciousness, and learn how to navigate them. The ability to direct our consciousness is our creative power. By knowing ourselves, we open to the true gift of life.

Though her soul journey, Adriana found that sound, movement, and breath are the most direct vehicles for engaging with and healing the self. Following her passion for music, she earned her certificate in sound healing in 2010 from the Globe Institute, and uses her understanding of vibration as the platform for her work. In 7Directions dance ceremony, Adriana learned how to harvest body wisdom through the medicine of movement. Soon to graduate as a facilitator, she has acquired deep knowledge in creating earth-based sacred container, which she brings to all her practices.

Most recently, Adriana discovered Kundalini Yoga as a powerful technology that harnesses the ancient wisdom of sound, movement, and breath in the yoga of awareness. She has since completed her 200hr teacher training through the Kundalini Research Institute.

Adriana is honored to share these transformative tools with others to unlock their fullest expression.

Amanda Faucher

Amanda Faucher is a certified reiki practitioner and intuitive healer. 

In college, Amanda studied child psychology and received her Associates in Arts for Sociology in 2010,  which she credits to providing her a deeper understanding that your thoughts greatly effect what is happening throughout your body. Her own healing journey began in 2014, when she introduced a regular yoga and meditation practice into her life. That same year she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which was a pivotal point in her shifting her own outlook on the world and the importance of her physical, mental and spiritual well being. She began to study natural medicine & alternative healing practices, which were instrumental in her healing, and recovery. She now dedicates her own energies as a Reiki practitioner to share this healing experience with others. 

Laurie Rodriggs

Laurie Rodriggs, CMT APP, is a healer and health consultant. As a certified Polarity Practitioner and master BodyWorker, Laurie specializes in energy rebalancing and structural alignment.  It's been said that "Laurie has a gifted touch and a keen sense of holding patterns in the body." In her healing sessions, Laurie is able to intuitively focus on the specific blockages and needs of each client, guiding them to achieve a state of energetic flow, release and feeling of being "back in balance."  Laurie has been a body worker/healer for 20 years and brings many resources to her classes and private sessions for all levels of healing, fitness and ergonomics

Bethany Miller, Psy.D.

Bethany opened Sukha Yoga to create a sanctuary in Novato where people can practice yoga, experience different healing modalities and be in spiritual community. Separate from her healing work at Sukha, she has been a practicing psychologist for the past 19 years and currently has a small private practice offering psychotherapy, but is not taking new clients. She is a graduate of the Aesclepion Intuitive Training Program. She participates in divinity circles with her spiritual teacher, Marta Maria.

Bethany offers chakra healings and intuitive readings. Her sessions help you to remove obstacles and connect more fully with your intuition, creativity, wisdom and joy.

While Bethany is a psychologist, the healing modalities offered are separate from her psychological work and are not intended to replace medical or mental health treatment.  Bethany may offer referrals if it seems apparent that traditional mental or medical treatment is necessary. Persons requiring medical diagnosis and possible treatment should seek out medical diagnosis, medical monitoring, and take responsibility for what medical actions should be taken if necessary. 

Angela DeSalvo

Angela DeSalvo is an Empath, Medium and innate Intuitive. Angela holds a Certification in Grief and Career Intuitive Coaching as well as a degree in Child Development from Sacramento State University. Angela is an Emeritus Prayer Chaplain with Unity in Marin, a Certified Massage Therapist, a student of the Enneagram and a life long learner of Self and the unravelings of life itself.