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Class Styles at Sukha Yoga

Beginner Yoga

The beautiful thing about yoga is that you don't have to be an expert to experience the benefits. This beginning level class will focus on strengthening and elongating muscles through safe alignment in each pose. With regular practice you will improve balance, flexibility and strength. We will also be moving with breath to enhance your energy flow, detoxify the body and to find a deeper sense of peace and relaxation. Our only requirement is an open mind and heart. No experience is necessary.

Hatha Flow

Open to all levels, slower-paced sequences focus on alignment and quality of breath in classical asana. Introduction to Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutes) and variations. Strengthening and meditative. This class is the perfect step-up from the beginner class. 


Free Meditation

A 15 minute seated or reclining meditation immediately following the lunch time hour long Hatha classes will give you the opportunity to explore the subtle body and enjoy stillness in community.

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is a vigorous style of yoga linking breath and movement through sun salutations and postures. The smooth continuous sequencing deepens breathing and increases endurance and flexibility. Alignment based flow classes will leave you feeling centered, balanced and empowered. Classes may include instruction on inversions- shoulder stand, hand stand and head stand (but several levels and options are always given). Classes often interweave intentions, spiritual teachings, mantras and chanting. Soulful and sweaty!

Jivamukti Yoga

This style of yoga, developed by Sharon Gannon and David Life, is physically vigorous and dynamic as well as spiritual, intellectual and emotional. Each class is supported by a monthly theme that interweaves philosophy and spiritual teachings from both modern and ancient yogic texts and incorporates chanting Sanskrit mantras, the spoken word, and inspiring music. The name Jivamukti (pronounced Jee-va-mook-tee), taken from the Sanskrit jivan ~ individual soul / mukti ~ liberation, meaning liberation while still living in the body. The goal of this practice is to help you attain your fullest potential, in every sense -- physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional. Includes instruction on inversions- shoulder stand, hand stand and head stand.


Restorative/Yin Yoga

Restful Yoga for stressful times. ….the antidote to stress is relaxation. Restoratives are an excellent way to carry you from a state of “doing” into a state of “being”, balancing out the stress of modern life.

Both soothing and regenerating, restorative/meditative poses free the body and mind of unnecessary tension, reduce stress, and create a balanced healing environment by increasing circulation to the organs, slowing & deepening the breath and calming the central nervous system. Restorative yoga is designed to move the spine in all directions while in gentle, fully supported poses. By supporting the body with props (blankets, bolsters, straps) you will enjoy a longer respite in each pose, allowing your body and mind to ‘actively’ rest and experience peaceful surrender. This practice is suitable & encouraged for all ages and fitness levels. Give yourself the gift of mindful rest and holistic healing.

Additional classes with separate pricing:

Aerial Yoga

Aerial Yoga uses what's called a yoga hammock. In this class we use the hammock for support to get into postures that you may not normally be able to get into. The hammock can give you the sensation that you're floating or flying. The hammock is suspended only a couple of feet off the floor and the hammocks are rated to safely hold up to 300lbs. Anyone can do aerial yoga- even if you've never done yoga before. If you've ever desired to fly then this is the class for you.
*note- Aerial yoga is an additional charge and you must pre-register for classes*

Prenatal Yoga

Come connect with other pregnant women and be guided in a yoga flow that emphasizes targeting the areas that need the most attention during each stage of pregnancy. Along with the yoga, there will be emphasis on birth preparation such as breathing, positioning, and the emotional/mental aspects of birth. Elizabeth is a trained prenatal yoga teacher, prenatal massage therapist, and birth doula. She comes with a wide range of understanding of how to create the most balance for the body and mind as your baby grows and your body changes. All levels welcome. *6-week series, separate pricing and you must pre-register*

YOga for "Tweens"

In this dynamic and supportive environment, we will focus on the playfulness of yoga postures, breath and visualization. Together we will play, flow, dance and then end with a relaxing, guided shavasana. Boys and Girls Ages 8-12. *Separate pricing. Only $12 per class. pre-register*