Adriana Cerundolo

adriana photo.jpeg

Adriana believes that life’s greatest gift is experiencing the infinite magic that lies within us. As spirit embodied in physical form, we have direct connection to the divine through connecting with ourselves.

Much of our daily experience is the result of unconscious belief and emotional patterns interfacing with the external world. By building relationship with ourselves, we grow awareness around our states of consciousness, and learn how to navigate them. The ability to direct our consciousness is our creative power. By knowing ourselves, we open to the true gift of life.

Though her soul journey, Adriana found that sound, movement, and breath are the most direct vehicles for engaging with and healing the self. Following her passion for music, she earned her certificate in sound healing in 2010 from the Globe Institute, and uses her understanding of vibration as the platform for her work. In 7Directions dance ceremony, Adriana learned how to harvest body wisdom through the medicine of movement. Soon to graduate as a facilitator, she has acquired deep knowledge in creating earth-based sacred container, which she brings to all her practices.

Most recently, Adriana discovered Kundalini Yoga as a powerful technology that harnesses the ancient wisdom of sound, movement, and breath in the yoga of awareness. She has since completed her 200hr teacher training through the Kundalini Research Institute.

Adriana is honored to share these transformative tools with others to unlock their fullest expression.