Laurie Rodriggs

Laurie Rodriggs, CMT APP, is a healer and health consultant. As a certified Polarity Practitioner and master BodyWorker, Laurie specializes in energy rebalancing and structural alignment.  It's been said that "Laurie has a gifted touch and a keen sense of holding patterns in the body." In her healing sessions, Laurie is able to intuitively focus on the specific blockages and needs of each client, guiding them to achieve a state of energetic flow, release and feeling of being "back in balance."  Laurie has been a body worker/healer for 20 years and brings many resources to her classes and private sessions for all levels of healing, fitness and ergonomics

Connie Holen

I'm a Digital Strategist + Squarespace Web Designer for yoga, fitness and wellness studios who need a strong brand presence both on-line and off. I specializes in creating clean, modern and easy-to-manage websites that cleanly integrate online scheduling software and are optimized for local search engine results.