Amanda Faucher

Amanda Faucher is a certified reiki practitioner and intuitive healer. 

In college, Amanda studied child psychology and received her Associates in Arts for Sociology in 2010,  which she credits to providing her a deeper understanding that your thoughts greatly effect what is happening throughout your body. Her own healing journey began in 2014, when she introduced a regular yoga and meditation practice into her life. That same year she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer which was a pivotal point in her shifting her own outlook on the world and the importance of her physical, mental and spiritual well being. She began to study natural medicine & alternative healing practices, which were instrumental in her healing, and recovery. She now dedicates her own energies as a Reiki practitioner to share this healing experience with others. 

Connie Holen

I'm a Digital Strategist + Squarespace Web Designer for yoga, fitness and wellness studios who need a strong brand presence both on-line and off. I specializes in creating clean, modern and easy-to-manage websites that cleanly integrate online scheduling software and are optimized for local search engine results.